Hhub - Malachite Green

Malachite Green

Verde malaquita

Marca: R-Biopharm

Catálogo: 5161MG

Aplicação: Elisa

Descrição: Malachite Green (MG) is a chemical dye that is highly soluble in water and is used as a fungicide and disinfectant in aquaculture industry. MG is potentially carcinogenic and it may cause significant health risk for consumers of aquaculture products. Malachite Green was, therefore, banned in the EU. EuroProxima designed an ELISA kit that detects MG at a level as low as 0.2 ppb in water and edible tissues of aquaculture products. Upon uptake MG is reduced into Leuco-Malachite Green (LMG), through an enzymatic reaction, and stored mainly in the fat tissue. The kit uses an antibody which cross reacts with Leuco-Malachite Green and Cristal Violet, therefore, the sum of MG and LMG are easily detected at the EU maximum permissible level of 2 ppb

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